Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hunter Update 8/29

Hunter's behavior post-surgery has exceeded all of our expectations. God has answered all of our prayers far beyond our requests. Hunter has been so happy, active, smiling at everyone, kicking his legs at all times with lots of energy.

Our only concern is the amount of blood seeping through his bandages and blood coming out through his urine. We've called the doctor twice, but don't feel it's enough to warrant a visit to the ER. If it continues at next diaper change, we'll head on to TCH ER.

He's responding well to the meds so far. The pain med, however, istead of making him sleepy, it's causing him to be!!!


Kim Gushee said...

I was just about to text you and ask how Hunter did over the weekend. I am glad to read he is doing well.
When do you plan on driving back home?

The Arnold Family said...

How is Hunter?

Anonymous said...

Are you ok? Not normal for you to go almost 6 months with no updates. We miss you